The Amazing Grace Series


There are many books of inspirational stories in every bookstore, but the Amazing Grace books are collections of inspirational Catholic stories, specifically. In this world, it can be a source of comfort and inspiration to see other men and women living the Faith and carrying it into all that they do, as God desires of us. From the humorous to the deeply emotional, each story of faith and hope will inspire you. These books also make great, faith-focused gifts for loved ones.

Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart – Described as a “retreat in a book,” Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart is a perfect, inspiring book for any Catholic. In this book you will discover 101 truly inspirational stories about people and situations as different as could be, but with a central theme – they all attest to the powerful presence of God’s amazing grace.

Amazing Grace for Families – Like any family, this book is full of humor and hardship, sorrow and joy, and always, love. You will find hope in these 101 stories of perseverance in the "domestic church," the family. A must for your home library.

Amazing Grace for Survivors – This compilation of 50 stories of faith and hope will introduce you to individuals who have experienced struggles and challenges – and persevered with God’s help. Through the stories these Catholic men and women have to share, you will witness God’s power, and how He strengthens the most ordinary of people, just like you and me.

Amazing Grace for Mothers – Just for mothers, this book is filled with 101 tales of faith and inspiration – and of course, humor. Whether you are a new, first-time mother, or a mother who has seen her children leave the nest, you will relish witnessing the stories of these women and how God was always present in their role of motherhood. Makes a great Mother’s Day gift!

Amazing Grace for Fathers – This collection of 75 inspirational stories is for the faithful Catholic fathers out there. From the publisher’s description:Amazing Grace for Fathers celebrates the power of fatherhood – and that power is love. The love of our fathers on earth reflects the infinite love of God, our heavenly Father, from which all fatherly guidance, discipline, and protection flows. The powerful stories in this book show just how deep a father’s love is for his children, particularly when he lives in and is strengthened by God’s grace. Here, you will find support and inspiration for your own fatherhood.” This would make a great birthday or Father’s Day gift!

Amazing Grace for Married Couples – For newlyweds or for a couple that has been married for many years, Amazing Grace for Married Couples is a wonderful, inspirational testament to the lasting sacrament of marriage. This book tells 12 stories of marriages in turmoil and trouble, and the grace of God that led the couples to rekindle and strengthen their union.

Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer – As the saying goes, “If God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it.” This compelling book is composed of 10 stories of people who have faced seemingly unbearable pain and hardship – and through God have found peace and strength amid their suffering. A touching and motivational book for those who are suffering, or watching loved ones who have endured hardships. (Also available on CD.)


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