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111 Questions on Islam

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The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, the Afghan conflict, waves of migration, and the presence of twelve million Muslims in the European Union: these are just a few of the things that have helped contribute to a growing interest in Islam, its culture, and its followers. They awaken old and new questions about a religious, cultural, and political reality that 1,200,000,000 people consider themselves a part of.

This book is the result of a series of extended interviews between an internationally acclaimed expert on Islam and two journalists who have dedicated themselves for many years to studying key themes of Islam and analyzing the possibility of coexistence between people of different faiths and cultures.

How was Islam born? What does the Qur'an represent for Muslims? What relationships have developed between Islam and violence, between Islamic culture and the West? How can a real integration of Islam take place in European societies? What are the conditions for a constructive encounter between Christians and Muslims?

Samir Khalil Samir—one of the world's leading experts on Islam—responds to these questions in an in-depth interview that can help one learn and judge for oneself, without prejudice or naivete. This is a contribution in the spirit of the realism needed in order to build adequate ways of living with those who have become our new neighbors.

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A Leading Expert Writes About the True Nature of Islam

In 111 Questions on Islam, Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, S.J., a Jesuit of Egyptian and Lebanese descent and one of the world’s leading authorities on Islam and early Christian Arab literature, has produced a superb volume that not only clarifies certain Western stereotypes and prejudices about Islam, but would benefit Muslims themselves regarding the true nature of their religion. He notes the basic ambiguities in Islam wherein both tolerance and jihad (the concept of holy war against non-Muslims) are legitimate expressions of the Qur’an (which was compiled two decades after Mohammed’s death). In Islamic thought, there is the fatal neglect of natural law, as the Islamic "doctors of the law" (ulema) often consider reason to be the enemy of faith. Interestingly, Islam holds that only the "believer," not every human person, is made in the image of God.

It is the continued conflated identity of religion, society, and the state that conti Full Review...

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