Ghirelli Rosaries

The Ghirelli company was founded in 1988 at Santa Maria Maddalena, a town that is still part of the region of Veneto and of the province of Rovigo despite its closeness with the medieval Ferrara.  Each rosary design goes through an extensive quality and design process before it is even released on the market - ensuring the most beautiful and inspiring rosaries in the world! 

Ghirelli signs and guarantees each Rosary. They commit to communication and true customer care, and their continuous efforts aimed at innovating production, have both been recognized and rewarded and Ghirelli's collections are highly appreciated throughout the world.

Ghirelli Rosaries are available in several countries throughout the world.  The production, with special care, love and devotion which is given to the rosaries is such that His Holiness the Late John Paul II first and now His Holiness Benedict XVI offer these as a gift during Pastoral Visits and Official Audiences.


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