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Serving in the military for one’s country can be a noble and selfless thing to do. Especially in times of trial and war, it can also be a very trying and difficult thing to do, not only for the enlisted person but also for his or her loved ones. Ultimately, it is a task accomplished only through the grace of God and with the love and support of friends and family. If you are in the military, or have loved ones serving in the military, Aquinas and More invites you to browse our Military and Patriotic Specialty Store. In this section you will find a variety of Catholic military goods, such as Bibles and other Catholic military books, medals, and more. Here is a guide to the resources you will discover.


Turning to the words of Jesus and the apostles can be incredibly uplifting in seemingly hopeless situations, and many Catholics in the military like to keep a Bible with them. Military Bibles typically need to be small for easy transport and to fit when space for carrying items along is minimal. Aquinas and More carries several small Bibles that would suit this purpose, such as the New American Bible Pocket New Testament, the Confraternity New Testament, Douay-Rheims Psalms and New Testament, and the Good News New Testament. The amount of text in a complete Bible is typically too much to create a pocket sized complete Bible, but there are several small complete Bibles available, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Books and Holy Cards

Aquinas and More also carries several Catholic military books, with selections suitable for both the enlisted personnel and their friends and family. You can view our military books by clicking here. Some favorites include the timeless prayer guide, Bishop Fulton Sheen’s Wartime Prayer Book, as pertinent now as when it was first published. Also available are several newer military prayer books, such as God and Country and Blessings From the Battlefield. Vexilla Regis – Devotions And Intercessions For All Affected By War, is a suitable devotions book for both the individual in the military and the loved ones and acquaintances at home. Also available – and easy to transport! – are devotional prayer cards; click here to view our selection.

Rosaries and Medals

Wearing Catholic military medals or praying with a military Rosary are also faithful methods of seeking respite through the grace of God in trying situations. Aquinas and More has a selection of several wearable military rosaries with snap cords, perfect for use in the military – one for each military branch! You can read more about these rosaries by clicking here or simply browse our selection by clicking here.

We also carry several military medals, including favorites such as St. Michael and St. Christopher, which include the military emblems on one side. Click here to view our selection, or click here to read more about these medals.

Other Catholic Military Goods

Some other Catholic military goods in which you may be interested include simple, patriotic military wall crosses, a flag lapel pin, and key chains. These tokens of faith and patriotism make great gifts for enlisted persons as well as for their family and friends.

Supporting Military Registries

Whether you have a personal acquaintance in the military or not, the military and its actions have meaning for all citizens. If you would like to help out our men and women in the military by purchasing needed Catholic resources for them, please click here to learn more about our Military Registry Program, or click here to view items that military chaplains have requested.

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