Purity Rings - Priceless AND Affordable


Has your teen been begging you for one of those chastity rings that everyone else is wearing in youth group?  The chances are good that those rings either cost a fortune or were made by slave-wage workers in China... maybe even both. 

Purity rings are powerful reminder to teenagers (and older people) that the human body is sacred and saved for a special purpose.  This symbol is valuable to the wearer whether he or she is in a group, with one other person or even alone. 

You and your child know this is a priceless expression of love and you no longer have to make the purchase a moral or financial dilemma.  You can give your teen the ring he or she wants without breaking the bank and know that you're supporting American artisans and American businesses.

         "These new rings are awesome!"  Donna H.

These newly available pewter purity rings are designed and manufactured in California by a company 100% committed to making safe, affordable jewelry that young people will love wearing and showing their friends.

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