How to Choose a Catholic Graduation Gift

  • New computer? Check.
  • Laundry quarters? Check.
  • Something Catholic? Wait, what?

Graduation time is coming up fast and there are plenty of typical gifts that graduates receive but have you given any thought to your graduate's soul? He's going away to college and may be in an environment that is hostile to the Catholic Faith. Is he prepared? Statistics show that college is the place where people tend to lose their faith.  Here are some gift suggestions that are really tools to help your graduate keep and possibly even spread the Faith while at college.

Keep the Faith

When your graduate goes off to college he needs the tools to keep the Faith. Hopefully he has a solid grounding already but either way, these resources will be a great help.

DisorientationCollege is full of "isms" that your graduate will likely be subjected to while at school. Disorientation gives the graduate ammunition to counter the various false philosophies such as:
• Hedonism
• Relativism
• Progressivism
• Modernism
• Scientism
• Fundamentalism
• Radical Feminism
• Multiculturalism
...and more.

4 out of 5 stars at Tiber River  at Tiber River.


The Essential Catholic Survival GuideIf you aren't familiar with Catholic Answers, you should get aquainted. Karl Keating and the folks at Catholic Answers have been defending the Faith for years through radio, the internet and a large series of pamphlets on just about every Catholic topic. The Essential Catholic Survival Guide is the complete set of these apologetic pamphlets in one handy reference. Did someone ask why you worship Mary? Are you saved? How can you even believe that God exists? Answers to these and over a hundred other topics are at your fingertips in this handy guide.

5 out of 5 stars at Tiber River  at Tiber River.



Share the Faith

How Not to Share Your FaithPart of being a Catholic is sharing the Faith. Yes, even at college your graduate should be a light on the hill to others. How he goes about it is as important as knowing what he is talking about.

To start with, your graduate should know what NOT to do when talking about how great it is to be Catholic. Mark Brumley, a seasoned apologist explains the "seven deadly sins" of sharing the Faith in How Not to Share Your Faith.


Catholic Pocket EvangelistYour graduate will probably be asked by other Christians why Catholics believe things that aren't in the Bible. The Pocket Catholic Evangelist is a handy  set of "cliff notes" that gives scripture passages where you can find Catholic doctrine. The booklet is meant to be a companion to Unabridge Christianity but works on its own as a quick reference.





Live the Faith

Zipper-Cover New American BibleKnowing the Faith is one thing. Living the Faith is another. Send your graduate off to school with the basics for him to grow in his Faith while at school.

If he doesn't have his own Bible, it's definitely time to get him one. A compact, zipper-cover Bible is a great resource that can easily be carried in a backpack and with its built-in case, makes it a great Bible that isn't easily damaged.



Daily Roman MissalA missal is another great gift for your graduate. A missal contains all of the text for the Mass as well as prayers and the readings. There are many different styles available for both Sundays and weekdays.

Both missals and Bibles can be imprinted with your graduates name. Look for the personalization shield: Personalizable



Christian PrayerPrayer is the life-blood of the Christian life. The Liturgy of the Hours has been the foundational prayer of the Church since the earliest times. While it may not be possible to pray the full Liturgy of the Hours during college, the more compact Christian Prayer is a great way to keep a regular prayer life, even in the busy life at college.




St. Benedict RosaryPraying the Rosary is like a shield against temptation and there will be plenty of it at college. If your graduate hasn't made a habit of praying a daily rosary, it's a great time to start. We have over 500 different rosaries to choose from, any of which would make a wonderful gift.




Now that you have your gift picked out, you should top it off with a graduation card!

Don't forget that once your graduate leaves, he still needs your constant prayers.

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